IMG_2460Hello, I am David Horwat, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the European School of Materials Science and Engineering (EEIGM : Ecole Eureopéenne d’Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux) located in Nancy, France.

My research activities are conducted in the Functional Thin Films Group in the Department of Physics and Chemistry of Solids and Surfaces (CP2S) of the Institut Jean Lamour, a joint laboratory between University of Lorraine and CNRS. These activities are dedicated to the synthesis of thin inorganic films by physical vapor deposition methods and their physicochemistry. A special attention is paid to the study of the influence of the local structure/chemistry and functional properties of synthesized films mostly targeted towards energy applications.

Short Biography

I defended my PhD on inorganic electrochromic devices in 2006 at University of Lorraine followed by a visit to the Lawrence Berkeley Lab within the Plasma Applications Group. I joined the Functional Thin Films group of Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) in 2007 as Assistant Professor to work on the physico-chemistry of thin films and teach materials science and engineering (MSE) at the European School of Materials Engineering (EEIGM). I defended an habilitation in 2013 on the physico-chemistry of functional thin films and hold a position of Full Professor at University of Lorraine since 2017.


David Horwat
email: david.horwat@univ-lorraine.fr


Institut Jean Lamour – UMR CNRS 7198 – Université de Lorraine
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email : david.horwat@univ-lorraine.fr


Ecole Européenne d’Ingénieur en Génie des Matériaux (EEIGM)
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