Facilities available at the Functional Thin Films group

1 RF sputtering reactor
1 DC sputtering reactor with two magnetron guns
1 DC sputtering reactor with two magnetron guns and deposition in temperature
1 reactor with 3 magnetron guns enabling DC and HiPIMS deposition + 3 pulsed cathodic arc evaporation guns
1 reactor with DC arc evaporation
1 microwave CVD reactor
3 sputtering reactors coupled to the ultra-high vacuum TUBE facility enabling analysis using various spectroscopies and spectrometries
(AFM, XPS, cathodoluminescence, …)

1 UV-Vis-NIR cary 5000 spectrophotometer
1 FTIR spectrometer (50 à 4000 cm-1)
2 « 4 point » probe setups with measurements in temperature and under controlled atmosphere
1 Hall effect measurement setup
1 Raman multi-wavelengths spectrometer
1 RHEED connected to CVD reactor
1 in situ UHV spectroscopic ellipsometer working in the visible range and connected to a sputtering reactor
1 UV-Vis-NIR ellispometer with possibility to measure in temperature
1 in situ stress measurement equipement connected to a sputtering reactor for stress measurement during film growth
Access to XRD, SEM, TEM, HRTEM